So what have I been up to in my absence?

Posted: 10th December 2010 by Nate in General

I know I have been away for a while, football season is about up and its been great.

I have been involved in starting a business. It is called Fun Panda. At you can get the best and coolest iPhone and iPad cases available. We started making Panda Cases because there are not cases on the market that allow individuals to create their own pieces that are one of a kind and represent them.

Please check our cases out soon!

Football Season is Underway

Posted: 13th September 2010 by Nate in General, Sports

I am stoked. College, NFL and Fantasy Football have all begun and now I will never be needing for something to do.

Football means many things, cooler weather, rivalry games, tailgating and championship implications. I am a fan, a fanatic even that will watch two teams I have never heard of for the love of the game. My greatest dilemma is whether I should go to the game, or stay home so I can take in more action from multiple games. I crave being in the stands in my long johns with the steam rising from the players heads seeing a battle take place. There is not much better than seeing a great game come down to the wire.

Football as much or more than other sport, brings people together with common interest. Thousands of casual to rabid fans gathered to cheer their teams on. The atmosphere at a tightly contested game is unmatched and cannot be described correctly.

After week two of the College schedule my Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking legit. I am excited to see them return from the abyss that was Callahan. My adopted OSU Cowboys are looking poised for a good run in the BIG XII South. Even my old school, Sand Diego State is looking good. I love the purity and the parity of the games thus far this year. Discussions with friends and coworkers commence and continue…

The NFL and Fantasy started this week. My FF team rolled. The invention of fantasy football has changed the way the typical fan views the game and has created a more involved and thus informed fan base. We know players on every team not just our own, and it has bettered the way we are able to see whats going on. My 49ers looked horrible in week one but I have faith that Mike Singletary will get them in order quickly. They have too much talent to falter in their weak division.

Vegas: I put a $10.00 dollar bill on Nebraska to with the National title in 2010. A dream and possibility even if slim. Best bet I made this year; $10.00 on the Baltimore Ravens to win 10 plus games, no-brainer.

Who are you cheering for? Who did you bet on? Will you go to many games? Do you have/like your Fantasy team? Lets all take our seats and enjoy the greatest team sport on earth for the next few months.

The World Cup

Posted: 25th June 2010 by Nate in General

Futbol, Football, Soccer, whatever you may call it and whether you like the game itself or not, this World Cup as an American has been exciting. How about Landon Donovan scoring a goal in extra time that meant in a moment that a USA team on the brink of disappointment in not advancing, instead wins the group.

I know as a country we do not often watch this sport, but I would encourage you as we move into the knockout round to pay attention to the event most of the world is riveted by. In group play draws occur frequently making for unsatisfying results but now there cannot be a draw so games have a feel of finality we need and long for.

As we watch the USA play Ghana Saturday root hard for the guys representing us, a world away they can feel and feed off of our support.

Fishing Trip

Posted: 15th April 2010 by Nate in General

Back in the day I went fishing very often. I grew up going crappie, trout and even shark fishing with my dad and grandpa. I went with a buddy everyday after class in high school during spring for striper and other bass. In college I was fortunate that my campus was on a river and I was on the river everyday fishing for whatever would bite. I do not go often anymore but love the chance to get out on the water.

Being on the water is a very calm time where reflection and thought become prevalent and good fellowship makes trips very fun, entertaining and sometimes unforgettable. There is a reason the term “fish stories” has become relevant.

I had the opportunity when I was younger to join my dad and his fishing buddies, who have been going on trips for 30 years, to go to canada. I caught so many small mouth bass, northern pike and walleye that I do not think there is a better place in the world to fish. This past weekend their group reunited for a different kind of fishing, snagging. The location was Grand Lake near Miami Oklahoma, and the target was Paddlefish also known as Spoonbill. These are known as a prehistoric looking fish. It was a blast catching them, but it was a lot of work.

I would suggest trying this once and coming back for more occasionally if you like it. The idea is using a giant barbless treble hook, dragging it near the bottom and literally snagging a fish in the side, snout or tail. They put up a good fight as the typical catch is between 30-45 pounds. I am excited to eat this strange fish to see what it is like.

The Masters

Posted: 6th April 2010 by Nate in General, Sports

I played NCAA Division II golf for Ouachita University, but was not any good. That said I love golf and play weekly. I have not shot worse than 89 in 6-7 years, but do not devote the time to be a quality consistent sub 80 player. I think quality time on the course is a wonderful thing and walking as you play keeps your mind right. I also feel as if the PGA is the pinnacle of mental competition. Golf is the most difficult sport/activity in the world. I mean seriously putting a 1-1/2 inch ball in a 4 inch cup 450 yards away is ridiculous. Is golf a sport? that my friends is a topic for a later date/post.

This is Masters week and and as I have been watching CBS coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we have been privy to mini previews. These mini previews spurn our interest by invoking our emotions of the game itself, the story lines, and the anticipation of one of the most prestigious tournaments of all, and the chance at a green jacket.

I cannot wait to see the play, from Tiger’s return to the up and comers first starts, this is the first major of the year and all of us will be intrigued. Golf season’s unofficial official start will begin Thursday at one of the most storied and exclusive clubs in the world, Augusta National. Interesting pairings, amen corner and a great weekend of golf to come, I am excited for my favorite Golf tournament.

What are you most looking forward to from Thursday to Sunday?
1. Watching great shots
2. Seeing the course and conditions
3. Tiger’s Return

Why They Cut Down The Nets

Posted: 5th April 2010 by Nate in General, Sports

Every year at this time the country pays attention to student athletes who participate in the greatest amateur sporting event of all, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The reasons why we pay attention to the annual tournament vary greatly. The underlying driving force is being a part of sports history. The memories made are life long for the athletes themselves and for those heavily involved, but what sticks for the rest of us? The love of a champion or an underdog, sport without the business feel of the pros, winning alone solidifies your place in history but is there more?

The Reasons We Watch:
Our school is in the tournament. (SDSU)
We simply love basketball.
Seeing an 18-overtime fiasco. (Would be awesome)
There is nothing else worth watching on tv. (Talk about reality)
Your kid is on one of the teams.
You just have to see how your bracket is looking. (Mine is typically awful)

Making History:
Team with the most consecutive tournament appearances.
Your schools first win in 75 years. (Long droughts make great story lines)
Being part of the largest crowd ever to watch a college game.
Watching the first player to do this or that.
Seeing an 18-overtime fiasco. (Talk about crazy)
Winning a NCAA Tournament.

What we Love:
Game winning shots.
An amazing deep run made by an underdog.
Learning about an unknown player. (Talking about you Ali Farokhmanesh)
Seeing the greats in action.
Seeing an 18-overtime fiasco. (Send in the towel boys everyone is exhausted)
Watching the winning team cut down the nets.
Listening to one shining moment. (More the video really)

So why do they cut down the nets? The moment not only solidifies a certain group of guys in basketball history and creates lasting memories for diehard fans, but it symbolizes greatness. In a tiny piece of twine a symbol that becomes physical evidence that will be shown and exist forever reminding everyone of this very moment. Hoisting a championship trophy and delivering it to a campus trophy case are as important and meaningful as the big shot or the bad call. So there indeed becomes something worth more than winning. With winning comes an expectation of the excitement for next March Madness. When your team may make an appearance or the improbable 18-overtime stunner occurs. The symbols of winning last forever and help create excitement for what will happen in the future.

Release of the iPad

Posted: 4th April 2010 by Nate in General, Technology

Today was the day the iPad was unleashed on society. Did you get one? I will eventually most likely end up with one, but have not decided that I have to have it just yet.

It is interesting as I am on my Macbook and just received a call on my iPhone that I haven’t felt the need to run right out and get one. I am waiting to see what it is like in my hands and frankly do not have the extra cash for something I’m not sure I love. I still wonder if it will revolutionize how we use technology to better surf the web, keep track of our day to day responsibilities and allow for a better way to both watch video and play games. Is it as amazing as it looks? Are we getting closer and closer to a one device society? I think we are, will some iPhone/iPad hybrid be it? Is this it? All interesting to ponder and with the release, once again in my mind.

One of my buddies, Brian Clubb developed an app for the iPad that is already available. It is called iJournaler. As I do not have an iPad yet, I haven’t used the app on the device but have been in it on the emulator and I can tell you this is a simple yet elegant app. It as the name implies is a journal that acts very much like a physical journal you have used before. It opens to today’s entry and allows you to flip through past entries while you write. I can see multiple applications, and would love this app for vacation, writing a book, or perhaps starting a daily journal myself.

I am happy to say I helped out with the imagery on this one, which is always exciting for me. Check iJournaler out on iTunes or at


Posted: 3rd April 2010 by Nate in General

I sincerely love weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working during the week and the perks that come with prime time television but there is something simply freeing when Friday hits.

Freedom is bliss in that today for example I got off work and chose to work all day long in the yard. No it is not glamorous but it is rewarding unlike much else. Knowing you spent time and effort making something much more appealing to others and yourself is simply grand. I loaded a trailer for a trip to the dump tomorrow, mowed the yard, watered, edged and picked every single filthy little weed, and I tell you what it looks so much better. What else can you reap the benefits of in this way? not much, and I, in some strange way really enjoy it.

I now have golf to look forward to in the morning, followed by the NCAA Final Four games, and a party tomorrow night. I think it is incredible how we work relentlessly for days each week to be able to enjoy significantly fewer free days. But each and every weekend the work week leading up to it does seem worth it I must admit.

What do you have to look forward to this free weekend?

iPhone Apps

Posted: 1st April 2010 by Nate in General, Technology

We all use technology differently. I personally am always on my iPhone. A neat part of doing web design and design work in general is working with some seriously talented people. From time to time I will highlight cool things my buddies are doing as I take an interest in things that are quality and well done.

One of the guys I work, Josh Wright, with has developed several great iPhone apps. I have these and use them often. My favorite app, which I check everyday is Today’s Weather. The others are ground breaking in that you do not have to look at the screen to play the games, he has started a new genre of “pocket games” which are super cool.

Today’s Weather: This is an app that tastefully and simply shows todays weather and gives you a view of what the day will be like in graph form. It has recently been updated to also give a quick view of what the next five days will be like. It allows for push notifications which let you know at whatever time you choose what the weather will be like. This no frills app is a relief in a saturated weather market full of apps throwing up on the phone’s screen.

Pocket Tap: Talk about a ground breaking idea. I said I always have my phone on, and I do, so when I should not have it out and visible I can still manage to play this game, in my pocket or hand with the screen off. It is a game that puts a beat to an eight count using the built in vibration. Once a beat vibrates, tap back the correct count to pass a level. It is highly entertaining as you strive to beat your personal best. Try this out now as part of a two for one deal in Pocket Deluxe which is available now.

Check out more of his stuff on iTunes or his site

My First Post

Posted: 31st March 2010 by Nate in General

I do not want to have the typical first blog post. It is very played out. I know it should be the welcome to the blog world post telling all about me and who I am but I am going to let you know instead what I think. I think there are things to be said about design, sport and life. I believe that marketing is key, how you market yourself and any product or service you are pushing is critically important to how you are perceived. Hard work is also important for every aspect of life. You can achieve what you desire with said work.

Design is the vehicle by which most meaningful communication is achieved. I love designing whatever is relevant, fulfills needs and portrays sought communication. I am always available for design work and advice. I love creating pieces that invoke feelings enabling a story of some kind to be told.

Sport by definition; an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, I am into such things, from traditional competitive sports to anything outdoorsy. I am always up to shoot hoops, play bocce or golf, backpack or kayak. Give me some notice and I am in whatever it may be.

Life, most of us are blessed to live the ones we have been given. Do not take this for granted as it is fragile. Work hard, play hard, most of all love hard. Passion is of the utmost importance. To be fulfilled do things you are passionate about. “It is not when I breath, but when I love I live.” -a great friend

I plan to write about these things that affect my life, be passionate and market who I am and what I am currently into. I will be changing this site rapidly to better fit what I am after so please check back. All for now.