My First Post

Posted: 31st March 2010 by Nate in General

I do not want to have the typical first blog post. It is very played out. I know it should be the welcome to the blog world post telling all about me and who I am but I am going to let you know instead what I think. I think there are things to be said about design, sport and life. I believe that marketing is key, how you market yourself and any product or service you are pushing is critically important to how you are perceived. Hard work is also important for every aspect of life. You can achieve what you desire with said work.

Design is the vehicle by which most meaningful communication is achieved. I love designing whatever is relevant, fulfills needs and portrays sought communication. I am always available for design work and advice. I love creating pieces that invoke feelings enabling a story of some kind to be told.

Sport by definition; an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, I am into such things, from traditional competitive sports to anything outdoorsy. I am always up to shoot hoops, play bocce or golf, backpack or kayak. Give me some notice and I am in whatever it may be.

Life, most of us are blessed to live the ones we have been given. Do not take this for granted as it is fragile. Work hard, play hard, most of all love hard. Passion is of the utmost importance. To be fulfilled do things you are passionate about. “It is not when I breath, but when I love I live.” -a great friend

I plan to write about these things that affect my life, be passionate and market who I am and what I am currently into. I will be changing this site rapidly to better fit what I am after so please check back. All for now.


  1. Scott Lesser says:

    Keep working hard, and maybe someday, you can beat me. I’m talking about some Indiana on Indiana Coach K action. Good luck with the blog. I always seem to fizzle out, maybe you can find the recipie for success.