Posted: 3rd April 2010 by Nate in General

I sincerely love weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working during the week and the perks that come with prime time television but there is something simply freeing when Friday hits.

Freedom is bliss in that today for example I got off work and chose to work all day long in the yard. No it is not glamorous but it is rewarding unlike much else. Knowing you spent time and effort making something much more appealing to others and yourself is simply grand. I loaded a trailer for a trip to the dump tomorrow, mowed the yard, watered, edged and picked every single filthy little weed, and I tell you what it looks so much better. What else can you reap the benefits of in this way? not much, and I, in some strange way really enjoy it.

I now have golf to look forward to in the morning, followed by the NCAA Final Four games, and a party tomorrow night. I think it is incredible how we work relentlessly for days each week to be able to enjoy significantly fewer free days. But each and every weekend the work week leading up to it does seem worth it I must admit.

What do you have to look forward to this free weekend?