Release of the iPad

Posted: 4th April 2010 by Nate in General, Technology

Today was the day the iPad was unleashed on society. Did you get one? I will eventually most likely end up with one, but have not decided that I have to have it just yet.

It is interesting as I am on my Macbook and just received a call on my iPhone that I haven’t felt the need to run right out and get one. I am waiting to see what it is like in my hands and frankly do not have the extra cash for something I’m not sure I love. I still wonder if it will revolutionize how we use technology to better surf the web, keep track of our day to day responsibilities and allow for a better way to both watch video and play games. Is it as amazing as it looks? Are we getting closer and closer to a one device society? I think we are, will some iPhone/iPad hybrid be it? Is this it? All interesting to ponder and with the release, once again in my mind.

One of my buddies, Brian Clubb developed an app for the iPad that is already available. It is called iJournaler. As I do not have an iPad yet, I haven’t used the app on the device but have been in it on the emulator and I can tell you this is a simple yet elegant app. It as the name implies is a journal that acts very much like a physical journal you have used before. It opens to today’s entry and allows you to flip through past entries while you write. I can see multiple applications, and would love this app for vacation, writing a book, or perhaps starting a daily journal myself.

I am happy to say I helped out with the imagery on this one, which is always exciting for me. Check iJournaler out on iTunes or at