Why They Cut Down The Nets

Posted: 5th April 2010 by Nate in General, Sports

Every year at this time the country pays attention to student athletes who participate in the greatest amateur sporting event of all, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The reasons why we pay attention to the annual tournament vary greatly. The underlying driving force is being a part of sports history. The memories made are life long for the athletes themselves and for those heavily involved, but what sticks for the rest of us? The love of a champion or an underdog, sport without the business feel of the pros, winning alone solidifies your place in history but is there more?

The Reasons We Watch:
Our school is in the tournament. (SDSU)
We simply love basketball.
Seeing an 18-overtime fiasco. (Would be awesome)
There is nothing else worth watching on tv. (Talk about reality)
Your kid is on one of the teams.
You just have to see how your bracket is looking. (Mine is typically awful)

Making History:
Team with the most consecutive tournament appearances.
Your schools first win in 75 years. (Long droughts make great story lines)
Being part of the largest crowd ever to watch a college game.
Watching the first player to do this or that.
Seeing an 18-overtime fiasco. (Talk about crazy)
Winning a NCAA Tournament.

What we Love:
Game winning shots.
An amazing deep run made by an underdog.
Learning about an unknown player. (Talking about you Ali Farokhmanesh)
Seeing the greats in action.
Seeing an 18-overtime fiasco. (Send in the towel boys everyone is exhausted)
Watching the winning team cut down the nets.
Listening to one shining moment. (More the video really)

So why do they cut down the nets? The moment not only solidifies a certain group of guys in basketball history and creates lasting memories for diehard fans, but it symbolizes greatness. In a tiny piece of twine a symbol that becomes physical evidence that will be shown and exist forever reminding everyone of this very moment. Hoisting a championship trophy and delivering it to a campus trophy case are as important and meaningful as the big shot or the bad call. So there indeed becomes something worth more than winning. With winning comes an expectation of the excitement for next March Madness. When your team may make an appearance or the improbable 18-overtime stunner occurs. The symbols of winning last forever and help create excitement for what will happen in the future.