iPhone Apps

Posted: 1st April 2010 by Nate in General, Technology

We all use technology differently. I personally am always on my iPhone. A neat part of doing web design and design work in general is working with some seriously talented people. From time to time I will highlight cool things my buddies are doing as I take an interest in things that are quality and well done.

One of the guys I work, Josh Wright, with has developed several great iPhone apps. I have these and use them often. My favorite app, which I check everyday is Today’s Weather. The others are ground breaking in that you do not have to look at the screen to play the games, he has started a new genre of “pocket games” which are super cool.

Today’s Weather: This is an app that tastefully and simply shows todays weather and gives you a view of what the day will be like in graph form. It has recently been updated to also give a quick view of what the next five days will be like. It allows for push notifications which let you know at whatever time you choose what the weather will be like. This no frills app is a relief in a saturated weather market full of apps throwing up on the phone’s screen.

Pocket Tap: Talk about a ground breaking idea. I said I always have my phone on, and I do, so when I should not have it out and visible I can still manage to play this game, in my pocket or hand with the screen off. It is a game that puts a beat to an eight count using the built in vibration. Once a beat vibrates, tap back the correct count to pass a level. It is highly entertaining as you strive to beat your personal best. Try this out now as part of a two for one deal in Pocket Deluxe which is available now.

Check out more of his stuff on iTunes or his site bendytree.com