The Masters

Posted: 6th April 2010 by Nate in General, Sports

I played NCAA Division II golf for Ouachita University, but was not any good. That said I love golf and play weekly. I have not shot worse than 89 in 6-7 years, but do not devote the time to be a quality consistent sub 80 player. I think quality time on the course is a wonderful thing and walking as you play keeps your mind right. I also feel as if the PGA is the pinnacle of mental competition. Golf is the most difficult sport/activity in the world. I mean seriously putting a 1-1/2 inch ball in a 4 inch cup 450 yards away is ridiculous. Is golf a sport? that my friends is a topic for a later date/post.

This is Masters week and and as I have been watching CBS coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we have been privy to mini previews. These mini previews spurn our interest by invoking our emotions of the game itself, the story lines, and the anticipation of one of the most prestigious tournaments of all, and the chance at a green jacket.

I cannot wait to see the play, from Tiger’s return to the up and comers first starts, this is the first major of the year and all of us will be intrigued. Golf season’s unofficial official start will begin Thursday at one of the most storied and exclusive clubs in the world, Augusta National. Interesting pairings, amen corner and a great weekend of golf to come, I am excited for my favorite Golf tournament.

What are you most looking forward to from Thursday to Sunday?
1. Watching great shots
2. Seeing the course and conditions
3. Tiger’s Return