Fishing Trip

Posted: 15th April 2010 by Nate in General

Back in the day I went fishing very often. I grew up going crappie, trout and even shark fishing with my dad and grandpa. I went with a buddy everyday after class in high school during spring for striper and other bass. In college I was fortunate that my campus was on a river and I was on the river everyday fishing for whatever would bite. I do not go often anymore but love the chance to get out on the water.

Being on the water is a very calm time where reflection and thought become prevalent and good fellowship makes trips very fun, entertaining and sometimes unforgettable. There is a reason the term “fish stories” has become relevant.

I had the opportunity when I was younger to join my dad and his fishing buddies, who have been going on trips for 30 years, to go to canada. I caught so many small mouth bass, northern pike and walleye that I do not think there is a better place in the world to fish. This past weekend their group reunited for a different kind of fishing, snagging. The location was Grand Lake near Miami Oklahoma, and the target was Paddlefish also known as Spoonbill. These are known as a prehistoric looking fish. It was a blast catching them, but it was a lot of work.

I would suggest trying this once and coming back for more occasionally if you like it. The idea is using a giant barbless treble hook, dragging it near the bottom and literally snagging a fish in the side, snout or tail. They put up a good fight as the typical catch is between 30-45 pounds. I am excited to eat this strange fish to see what it is like.

  1. Kaye says:

    Looks like you had such a blast! Did it end up tasting good???
    Love you,