Football Season is Underway

Posted: 13th September 2010 by Nate in General, Sports

I am stoked. College, NFL and Fantasy Football have all begun and now I will never be needing for something to do.

Football means many things, cooler weather, rivalry games, tailgating and championship implications. I am a fan, a fanatic even that will watch two teams I have never heard of for the love of the game. My greatest dilemma is whether I should go to the game, or stay home so I can take in more action from multiple games. I crave being in the stands in my long johns with the steam rising from the players heads seeing a battle take place. There is not much better than seeing a great game come down to the wire.

Football as much or more than other sport, brings people together with common interest. Thousands of casual to rabid fans gathered to cheer their teams on. The atmosphere at a tightly contested game is unmatched and cannot be described correctly.

After week two of the College schedule my Nebraska Cornhuskers are looking legit. I am excited to see them return from the abyss that was Callahan. My adopted OSU Cowboys are looking poised for a good run in the BIG XII South. Even my old school, Sand Diego State is looking good. I love the purity and the parity of the games thus far this year. Discussions with friends and coworkers commence and continue…

The NFL and Fantasy started this week. My FF team rolled. The invention of fantasy football has changed the way the typical fan views the game and has created a more involved and thus informed fan base. We know players on every team not just our own, and it has bettered the way we are able to see whats going on. My 49ers looked horrible in week one but I have faith that Mike Singletary will get them in order quickly. They have too much talent to falter in their weak division.

Vegas: I put a $10.00 dollar bill on Nebraska to with the National title in 2010. A dream and possibility even if slim. Best bet I made this year; $10.00 on the Baltimore Ravens to win 10 plus games, no-brainer.

Who are you cheering for? Who did you bet on? Will you go to many games? Do you have/like your Fantasy team? Lets all take our seats and enjoy the greatest team sport on earth for the next few months.