By Nate

I am Nate Ferguson, welcome to my site.

I decided several years ago that I needed a website. And so after years, this is it, an outlet for me to talk about all things I am interested in. I am a designer by trade, logo, print, web and more. I received my degree in graphic design and love getting to create and use skills in art as my job. I work for MTM Recognition as a web designer and have for several years. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I firmly believe that we should attempt to always enjoy our work.

I have lived all over the country and draw from the different life experiences to create my world view. I have a wonderful family and friends that I truly love. I am an upbeat person who cannot stand it that we have to sleep, feeling that in doing so we lose out on potential productive time. I believe we should live life to the fullest, both working and playing hard.

I love sports and am always playing or watching something. I played division two golf and although am not a great player enjoy the game immensely. Bocce is another passion and my buddies and I have started a league in OKC. All things sports interest me.

This site will always be changing and evolving to fit what I am wanting it to do. Thanks for visiting and come back often.